'Promoting personal responsibility and socail accountability.'

We engage in public campaigns in select African nations with focus on one health issue at a time. We equip individuals and communities with pertinant information for prevention or mantenance of health concerns.

Our areas of focus

Cardiovascular Diseases:
African Education Initiative is committed to empowering Africans, in the United States and in Africa, with meaningful health education one person at a time. We believe in the power of the individual to take charge of her/his health and improve her/his lifestyle.

Heat Attack or Failure
Hyper/Hypo-tension/Blood Pressure
Stress Management
Knowledge is power; and that is why everything AEI does will zero-in on teaching healthy lifestyle choices, making information about symptoms available to individulas and their families; reaching out to rural communities; providing easy access to quality health care; and encoraging constructive public discourse of health issues.
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